Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation for a Family Heirloom

A customer came to us looking to have the mold on this family heirloom remediated. At the tail end of a humid summer, this customer noticed mold growing of a fo... READ MORE

Residential Kitchen Mold

It only takes a small water leak, or even excess humidity, for mold to form in your New Bedford home or business. Then, mold can spread quickly through the prop... READ MORE

Mold from Roof Leak

We were able to restore this homes attic after a roof leak lead to a great deal of mold accumulation in the rafters and insulation. If You See Signs of Mold, Ca... READ MORE

Mold behind kitchen drywall

It's the mold you don't see that causes the most harm. If you suspect mold growth please call us for a free estimate and we can help answer any questions you ma... READ MORE

Mold in Attic

Be sure to check your attic occasionally. You never know what you may find! There is always a tremendous amount of stress when going through a disaster. Not kn... READ MORE

Mold Removal

We were able to restore these walls back to their original condition. Putting the minds of the employees and clients at ease. There is always a tremendous amo... READ MORE

"I just wanted to do some laundry!"

When this homeowner wanted to do some laundry she got a huge and unpleasant surprise. Fortunately even though it had been there for a few days, we were able rem... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup in Unfinished Basement

Mold Remediation done in an unfinished basement. Home is now ready for re-inspection! There is always a tremendous amount of stress when going through a disast... READ MORE