Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Winter House Fire

This single family rental property had a fire during some of the coldest months we see here in Southeastern New England. We received the call in the middle of the night and responded quickly. After the first-responders took care of putting out the fire and making sure everyone was safe, we tarped and boarded up any exposure points. This is an important step to keep outside elements from entering (i.e. precipitation, animals, or any unwanted guest) and to keep any items, that remain in the home, safe. Prevention of secondary losses/damages is one of the things that sets us apart! 

Large Supermarket Distribution Center

Here at SERVPRO we were called upon to help this distribution center get back to work as quickly as possible. We had crews of over 70 employees working around the clock to limit revenue losses & employees hours lost. 32 hours later and we made the fire & water damage "Like it never even happened." 

Fire Damage-Boiler Room

Imagine getting woken up out of a sound sleep by the smell of smoke and not realizing where it's coming from? You never know when or how disaster will strike but please remember that here at SERVPRO Dartmouth/New Bedford we're ready to help should you ever need us. 

Fire Loss

If you ever think that it's a good idea to start dozing off while you're smoking take a good look at this photo. You never know! Fortunately no one was hurt but that doesn't mean that will always be the case. From all of us at SERVPRO Dartmouth/New Bedford, we really hope you won't need to call us because this happened. But if you have to, we'll be there. And we won't even say "I told you so!"

Apartment Fire Damage

Sometimes there are just some things we can't restore. But rest assured that SERVPRO Dartmouth/New Bedford is here to help you get back to normal. Things can happen when you least expect it. We can't say enough how important renters insurance is. 

Commercial Large Loss

Packing up the trucks and heading to save the day at this fire damage in New Bedford, MA. Downtime equals money lost for a business. So we strive to go above and beyond to get our commercial clients back up and running as quickly as possible.